26 July 2009

It's Time

After a chat with my aikido mentor and friend known as the Passion King, I've started preparing to test for the rank of 1st kyu in Aikido. I've trained in Aikido for the last 15 years the first 7 were pretty intense the last 8 less intensely. Although the last 9 months have amped it up. Which is good for my mental health, very good for my mental health. But to test I have to kick it up a notch or two. So this is what I'm expected to do. At the earlier levels, the techniques are called out and you do them. At this level the attack is called and you're expected to respond, it's an intense kind of fun. And my updates will be mainly focused on how that's going.

1st Kyu (300 days)
Katatori menuchi - 5 techniques
Yokomenuchi - 5 techniques
Morotetori - 5 techniques
Shomenuchi - 5 techniques
Ryotetori - 5 techniques
Koshinage - 5 techniques
Hanmi handachi Ushiro Waza - 5 techniques
Freestyle: 3 attackers

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