02 February 2007

Overheard at Work

One of the women with whom I work, T, a/k/a the spokesmodel, dates a farmer in North Carolina, she travels to visit him fairly regularly and has become well acquainted with the farm and the farm animals. Anyway she was repeating a phone call she'd received the previous evening which she was recounting to another co-worker IL.

T - You know Jimmy's goat.
IL - The one you like?
T - Yeah.
IL - I know about it.
T - did I tell you it has pinkeye? and he's afraid it will infect the rest of the herd. I'm going to visit them, do you think I can get pink eye from the goat.
IL - I don't know.

You will notice that the question is not asked by IL - what in hell are you doing with the goat that you'd catch pink eye from it?

Concerning catching pink eye from the goat, apparently one can catch chlamydia from goat pink eye. (and how in hell would you manage that?) And you can catch mycoplasma pink eye - these would be small parasites that apparently feed on eye gook. Nasty!

Needless to say, if Terry comes back from NC with pink eye, she need not come to work until it's gone.

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