18 January 2009

The Tradition Was...

to dance with them that brung ya. But in the case of President Elect Obama, it's more of a fuck them that brung ya. Rick Warren? Really? Several weeks ago when I learned of the invitation of Warren to deliver the inaugural invocation, I'm pondered that for a while reading transcripts of comments Pastor Warren gave equating Gay Marriage to pedophilia. Note to Pastor Warren: pedophiles are historically much more likely to be in your line of work. Feeling disrespected and pissed off, I wrote to the Obama folk and having received the standard dash off, thanks for your comments automated email response, I removed myself from their mailing list as well as the mailing lists of Move-On.org and the HRC. Perhaps not the ideal solution but I'm past the point of enabling people to treat me with disrespect. And taking my money out of the political marketplace was my main way to do it. I don't need to pay to get fucked.

I continue to fantasize about my own political party, one that promotes the position that freedom from religion is as important as freedom of religion, also one that actively questions why marriage is considered a civil business at all when it's historical origins include being considered a sacrament by the Catholic Church and thus why aren't all 'marriages' simply civil unions within the law. Why is one being issued a licensed for what clearly originated as a religious instituion, oh yeah and historically a way for men to own women? I know for a fact back in my Catholic days I didn't not require a license to be baptized, first communioned or confirmed, and nobody had better obtain one to get me extreme unctioned or else we gonna brawl.

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Fireblossom said...

Bless you, my child. Please come to our reorientation camp and let the Lord change your life. Come to the loving bosom of...wait, strike that. Oh never mind!