26 September 2009


Sharkbutt is helping me type this because my eyeballs are dilated. It is expected to take a while because we fight about the spelling. Sharkbutt being a way more creative speller than I. (note from sharkb - her mooey, that why her no spell fun)

There's all kinds of writing on the subject of meditation, not many of them discuss it in bare bones terms. I will, somedays the good feeling wash over you (sharkb - making you so full of the milk of human kindness that you moo) somedays it's like grinding glass between your teeth. Most days it just is what it is, sitting on your ass observing your thoughts. (shark - if you foodchik it your thought). The point is to sit quietly, quiet your mind and recognize your thoughts are just that thoughts.

(sharkb - try that, donut call it nuffin, sit and fink or donut fink)

1 comment:

Fireblossom said...

Hi fren Sharkbutt! How you teefs? Me teef outshtandink!

What you foodchick on about? Why you donut edit this for her and make it reedable. me have noe idea what it meens cept for your clarifikations. there is nuffing about PIZZA! or fitch anywear in it! Not even pengwings.

Me go chew somefink.

yor fren,