21 June 2008

Vermin In The Workplace Day 2

We had another mouse appearance at work yesterday and as Evil Queen I was summoned! Am still mystified as to what was expected of me. My sprinting and catching wild animals days have pretty much passed me by. So this mouse was a bold fellow, just stood there calmly eyeballing me as I eyeballed him and I quickly slid a box lid under him and marched us over to the elevators. He, I and my friend G who was descending to the fresh hell of the 3rd floor rode down and I proceeded to take him to the first floor, intending to release him into the wilds of Trenton. As I departed the elevator, I was met by C of the maintenance staff who escorted the young mouse to the back yard. I am now known as both Evil Queen and mouse whisperer. This photo is more than somewhat blurry but is the mouse in question in the boxlid mentioned.


Fireblossom said...


One time childhood favorite and Disney mainstay Mickey Mouse is remembered by most as a loveable big-eared cartoon. But as time went on and more high tech entertainments became available, jaded glassy-eyed children preferred to commune with their X-boxes. M.Mouse began drinking heavily, and eventually was dismissed from Disney and its related holdings. After a messy public divorce from Minnie, M.Mouse fell from public view until this week, when he staggered into a New Jersy business place, mumbling something about Chinese midgets stealing his thoughts with magic pencil sharpeners. A woman escorted him out of the building as he tried to convince onlookers that she was the "Queen of Jupiter." Witnesses said that the one-time child star was emaciated and barely recognizable as the smiling emblem of the Magic Kingdom that he once was.

In a related story, President Bush was unsuccessful in his bid to connect Mr. Mouse with global terrorism and thus gain support for a military incursion into Main Street USA. The president was then removed to an anteroom and given a sucker.

Shazza said...


Sharkbuttocks said...

Fireblossom: I think this is just another crack kills kind of tragedy. Also, the parallels between the lovable big eared cartoon M. Mouse and G. Bush, genius!