27 December 2006

Christmas 2006, the good, the bad and the ugly

The good, well much of it was good, thanks for asking. This is not always the case with me. For some reason or other the hollerday season has historically placed me in the princess of darkness mode and that ain't ever pretty. Specifically what was good, aiding and abetting my friend S in playing Santa Claus for her son. Mainly, I lent moral support, some manual dexterity and an occasional smart remark. Also, delightful returning home from that mission to find a surprise in my mailbox from my friends S&M.

Also, Christmas day was nice, breakfast at the parental units and dinner at the sisters. But this led to the ugly, the sister, a/k/a Zippy was slicing potatoes on a mandoline and sliced her finger, kinda bad. Well, the Zipster, being a bachelor girl seemed to be lacking a first aid kit or bandaids so we had to go with panty shields and scotch tape. Not so effective when one is trying to staunch bleeding. where it got really fun was when the mothership (who by the way has earned the right to use the initials RN, BSN after her name) asks me to discern if the child needs stitches. Incredulous me says to my self "how the fuck do I know?" I saw no tendons, no finger guts so my executive decision was no, doesn't need stitches.

So the bad, went back to work today, to find out my former co-worker and friend M passed away yesterday. She'd had CA, and was the second co-worker in 2 weeks that had died of cancer. And about 5 other co-workers had been diagnosed within the past month. Shit.

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