22 December 2006


Here's a story for you, I go home last night - and 50 miles of road, and an iced tea, you know the first place I'm headed after I hit the door. Stripe comes into visit and hops into my pants which is not unusual for our little circle of fun and dysfunction. But I'm starting to smell cat pee, he peed in my pants, the stripey sone of a bitch. So I wrassle him into a crate, with my half nekkid peed upon self, hose off put on some clean pants and drag his ass to the cat ER. $300 later, we probably have a bladder infection but we're running 150 bucks worth of tests on his urine and send me home with antibiotics - liquid bubblegum flavored clavamox. How the hell did he know I had money?

Cut to this morning's dosing and we're int the recliner and I've got his head trapped between my jaw and my shoulder and succeed in shooting the clavamox up my nose instead of into his mouth. Goddamned cat.

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