09 October 2007

Random Thoughts on Returning From Sedona

The following exchange took place when I rented my car in Phoenix.

Enterprise dude: Are you taking the car out of the country?
me: No, just up to Sedona
E.D.: Oh up to Sedona, I hear aliens land there and kidnap people.
me: Yeah, they do, but they've learned their lesson about taking people visiting from NJ. We just take over, that's how I ended up Queen of Jupiter.

Whilst moseying up the Interstate from Phoenix to Sedona, I notice that when I take the diversions advised by the Enterprise dude that the GPS unit takes a tone with me when she says 'Recalculating'. Bitch.

Whilst hiking around Airport Mesa in Sedona, (home of one of the masculine energy vortexes) a thunderstorm commenced which is the universe's way of saying bitch, get off of my vortex.

1 comment:

Shazza said...

Was Sedona trying to tell you to go home or do you think it was the outcast aliens from Jupiter trying to overthrow your reign?