14 October 2007


I'm a New Jersey native and aside from the four years that I spent in Scranton, PA getting edumacated, I've lived here my entire life. And that's really not any of your business, but more than 30 years is all you need to know. So I'm quite familiar with attitude, shade, 'tude, mouth etc. Although, I will confess that it is taking me some getting used to the tone that my GPS device takes when I deviate from the proscribed route. The first statement of 'recalculating' somewhat nasal but machinelike as expected. By the second or third time, there is a distinct disdain to the tone. And by the fourth and fifth, it's almost a whine. Like the 'would you please make up your mind' from the lady selling lottery tickets at the cigar store.

And oddly, this is even since I've switched from the dulcet tones of American English Jill to Australian English Karen...

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