15 April 2008

I can't let go...

from AOL - Butt Really

Preparation H cream is marketed to treat hemorrhoids, but beauty queens have long used a tiny dab under the eyes to reduce bags and dark circles after a long night. One ingredient in Preparation H is shark liver oil, a folk remedy for skin conditions. In Canada, the cream is formulated with BioDyne, a yeast derivative thought to smooth wrinkles. However, the maker of Preparation H, states that the product is not to be applied on the face.

Yes, it fascinates and yes, I'm still looking for that answer about flavor. And having fed shark liver to the beasts in my house, I would fear the use of the big H on either my face or its intended locus. As Sharkbutt the cat has no qualms, none, about pawing open my mouth to peer inside for remnants of fish of any ilk, I cannot take the chance he'd be looking in any of my other girlish orifices.

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