02 November 2006

New Doc City

Got a new doc today, and she's a keeper. Most of them aren't. The maintenance of the skeleton and skeletal muscles is in the hands of PW, DC, she of the sharpest elbows on the planet. And of course, I have had my share of gatekeepers over the years. Some good, some bad, many indifferent. Mostly I have a couple of bouts with bronchitis a year, have to have my daily Clarinex because of the cats I live with that I'm allergic to, and have to have an inhaler for the periodic dances with asthma. Oh and of course, one does need someone to send you to the ER if need be when no bones are sticking out. So anyway, the new doc gets points for listening, for coughing up a lung because I was being blisteringly funny and for agreeing with my assessment re: one of the drugs that the fired doc had had me on for something that I ain't got. Oy.

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