13 November 2006

What They Don't Tell You About Cats...

When you get a cat, the powers that be in the cat bestowal business hip you up to the cat box business and concomitant smells, the canned food business and concomitant smells there. What they don't warn you about is the instinctive business of cats and how that wreaks havoc with any mice that might find their way indoors. This place is mainly carpeted but there is some linoleum about so when I've got 2 cats within eyeshot and the pitter patter of 2 sets of four feet on the linoleum I know we've got and intruder and with 3 cats, said intruder is close to toast. Also, mice scream, it sounds like keening (yeah, as in keening, wailing and gnashing teeth). That's not a happy sound. Then we got the triumphant stalking return of the cats, fortuitously for me none see fit to gift me with the carcass so I retrieve it and put it in the garbage can. (and yeah, sap that I am offer it Reiki and a chant or two to ease its Bardo (transition).

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