17 January 2007

More Overheard at Work

Oh fresh hell, for the last 10 minutes I’ve been listening to a blistering diatribe on the part of one of my staff that another of my staff (who, by the way was kind enough to bring in doughnuts yesterday) should have known that she likes a coconut doughnut, and not a crème doughnut as D was led to believe. I’m all for stating a preference, but let it go, just let it go. Now, two others are being dragged into the fray. This is turning into a epic discussion, both long and inane. Somedays supervising this crew reminds me of being the oldest of 4, except in this instance I am younger than all but one of the characters involved in the discussion.

Another interesting aspect of the day, had one of this collection of characters hand me a pension check and say this needs to be reversed, this person is deadmentation. Hmmm, there's not much that cannot be effectively characterized by throwing the suffix mentation on it.

Oh and of course, I had one of those phone calls that started with I spoke to you last Monday (well, you didn't because I wasn't in), do you remember me? (from the approximately 400 people I speak to on the phone a week? uh, no.) You were gonna send me a check (wait, like I do for 50,000 other people, how about a name babe?) Mary Smith (may I have your retirement number?) What's that? (how about your social security number?) I don't have that with me. (I only have 400 Mary Smiths) Oh, honey I don't know. (don't honey me, fool. where did you retire from?) GE. (this is government, if you did not work for a governmental agency, I cannot help you, bye, bye now)

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