01 January 2007

Watching Someone Else's Trainwreck

I'm watching Glen Beck interview Danny Bonaduce and they're talking about what a trainwreck of substance abuse Bonaduce's life has been. I'd seen parts of this interview one time previously. Apparently, there was a reality show Breaking Bonaduce made of it. I've done the trainwreck thing, although I really only did about 6 years of it before I decided to stop. And aside from alcohol did not encounter any substances worth abusing, the happy news there of course, being had I enjoyed any of my encounters with any other substances I'd be dead or heaven forbid have killed someone else.

Beck asks Bonaduce if he'd want his daughter to marry someone like him, and he said no, but that it's a step up because there was a time when he didn't want his daughter raised by someone like him. That struck me because as I worked through all my shit, I thought I would be an absolutely incompetent parent. And now, I realize I'd likely be able to do it well from a place of a certain amount of semi-enlightenment.

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