22 September 2007

Almonds 1 Mindfulness 0

I awoke without the usual 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, I've slept through 3 alarms and have to get my ass to work panic', and yeah, mainly because it is Saturday and I don't have to get my ass to work., and did not have any of the alarms set. I decide a health breakfast is in order so I fire up a pot of water in which I shall drop some steel cut oats. By then, the coffee is ready but all over the counter again because I failed AGAIN to place the pot with sufficient precision to prevent a repeat of that debacle. Once I have that cleaned up the oats are cooked. And because all the 'healthy eating' reading I do suggests that they are a fine source of essential fatty acids and protein, blah, blah, blah... I toss a handful of almonds into the oats, douse the mess with some vanilla soymilk. And sit down to have a taste. It's then that I realize that clever me has tossed a handful of BOLD Jalapeno Smoked almonds onto my oatmeal with vanilla soymilk. I cannot say that it was 'good eatin' mainly because a) it wasn't, although it did grow on me and b) there was no chicken involved and for me, 'good eatin' usually involves chicken.

One might have thought that after the great Blackberry in the toilet debacle from back in the Spring I might be a little more mindful in general. This would seem not to be the case.


Shazza said...

Did you actually EAT the whole bowl of that stuff?

Sharkb said...

Umm, yeah! I did. I found it to be a gastronomically twisted bit of fiber and fire.