14 September 2007


I have never considered myself to be excessively ambitious, or even mildly ambitious. Then again, if one’s driving need is to be avoid being noticed by and therefore hit by the nuns, one might term it more of a survival instinct rather than an ambition. But, alas, as I do so often, I digress.

This brings me to my current whim, as queen of Jupiter, I find myself, not surprisingly up to my ass in syncophants and toadies and really what I need is minions, not necessarily evil ones, at least not evil all the time. And come to think of it I would make a really good minion. Both understanding the undesirability of syncophants, as well as having intimate knowledge of the whole ‘heavy the head that wears the crown’ thing. And varied dilemmas that face a leader. So my current whim is that I would make a really good minion. I’m too much of a smart ass to make a good syncophant or toadie, too much of an independent thinker with too much initiative to make a good flunky. So yeah, Sharkb, the evil minion, I love it.

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