09 November 2007

Inane Cubed

You may or may not know that I help my kitten Sharkbutt write a blog. It's called Advice From a Shark - http://www.sharkbutt.blogspot.com. And as inane as my ramblings here in my own blog are, they become cubed, possibly even quadrupled when I help Sharkbutt with his advice giving, observations on life its ownself etc. Today's entry paraphrased a question that I've been asked by coworkers more than once in the 20 exceedingly odd years I've been at my job. The question, not one of those life changing existential ones, not at all. But the age old 'why do farts stink?'


Shazza said...

Becasue they are coming from your ASS - that's why!

Sharkb said...

I think it's more that they're passing through shit. But it's all foul.