07 November 2007


My hair was about 80% grey at my visit to G the magician. G the magician is a hair stylist and a color genius, which is why I persist in the beauty marathon every 6 weeks. G will ask, what are we doing? I will respond, let's shave it and see how it looks when the grey grows out. G will respond, let's not and just say we did. Me: A'ight, the usual then, unless we can get by with just doing roots. We can seldom get by with just doing roots. So 4 hours later, I've had color, (lather, rinse repeat, condition, rinse repeat) foils (lather rinse repeat again, condition, rinse repeat again) then cut. My hair tends to grow out rather than long so there's a lot of chopping to thin it out that occurs. Then G will carefully blow it out and style it to the point of distraction.

My own styling of my coif consists of the following, wash, rinse, condition, rinse and on Tuesdays I comb it. High maintenance, I ain't.

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