13 November 2007

Oh What Fun!

My dentist has a new hygienist, I learned this from my sister who has had a visit with said hygienist and swore, "if she tells me to open big one more time, I'm gonna crack her." So I'm so not excited at the prospect of breaking in a new hygienist, I'd been working with J the former, and we'd reached rapproachment on several subjects such as the liberal use of topical anesthetic, digging whilst cleaning the teeth is fine but once you've poked me in my liver, appendix or frontal lobe it's time to back the fuck off, and I mean now. To say that I was not confident that that information had been adequately noted and explained in my chart is perhaps, an understatement.

So A comes out and introduces herself to me and apologizes for the tardiness. I said we need to reach an understanding here, you know you're not going to hurt me or we will have issues. Big, big issues. So she probed gently at first and then less so, until I pointed out that you've got my appendix on the end of your spear there, Toots and need to back off. She finished someone gingerly though not so much so that I failed to feel her probing upside my frontal lobe. But all in all I'd say it was reasonably successful.

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Shazza said...

Want to hear something sick about your ol' friend Shazza? I like the pain!