05 November 2007

Tag, I'm It!

My friend Shazza at http://randomthoughtsandactsofstupidty.blogspot.com/ has tagged me with a meme, 10 random things about myself. Good gravy, I'm so random it alarms even me.

1. Right handed but left footed.
2. I have 6 tattoos.
3. One way in which I keep myself entertained is to make up my own lyrics to popular songs and even for obscure songs. And I do a rendition of a lullaby that is both educational and stimulating... the lyric is Whaddya gonna get if you eat raw pork? Trichinosis (which when pronounced tricky noses with a gentle grab to the baby's nose generally gets a laugh from said baby)
4. I've worn bifocals since I was 19. (ok, yeah when I can find them)
5. It's currently 41 degrees outside and I've still got windows open and the heat off.
6. Spent 17 years in Catholic schools, 'splains a lot, doesn't it?
7. One of the most worthwhile things I've done in my life was spend a week at Buddha camp, another one was to teach my nieces how to play talking clothes rack. "Put the yellow back, it brings out the red in your eyes."
8. Yes, I so do feel the energy at vortexes.
9. I love flamingos. Love 'em. Live, plastic, it doesn't matter, I just love 'em.
10. Doing yoga gives me gas, but I still do it.

I tag the actual SassafrasMama and the actual Sharkbutt.

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