08 December 2007

Isn't It Rich?

Yes, that is the opening line from send in the clowns... and because I'm writing about the latest adventure in "Ethics" from my employer, well, doesn't it just fit? The quick and dirty here is that because all manner of people benefit from egregious acts of fraud and dirty dealing in gubmint, the minions are hosed. To wit: the employer leases space in a building on the main drag o' gubmint in this state (and yes, right in one, the state is confusion) and we've occupied this building for nearly 20 years. For many of the 20 years, the building management has hosted a holiday soiree of sorts, some years a cocktail party after work, more recently a breakfast before work. And previously the minion occupants have been able to go without any conflama. However, this years breakfast is scheduled for next week and the ethics gurus have determined that as public employees we are unable to attend. This is of course, absurd. Had we had any influence on the leasing of this space we would have insisted that the restrooms are cleaned, well stocked with toilet paper and paper towels and cleaned. Like daily, using actual cleaning products. And we'd have leased space in a building where the extremely scary restrooms vent to the outside. Because a floor full of 100 minions, who had the bean burrito special is simply methane hell with ventilation, without it is where brimstone goes to die.

I've already informed my boss, if he thinks I'm putting my girlish body between my staff and free bacon he is out of his cotton picking mind.

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