22 May 2008


Siiigh, I inadvertently strained the transversus abdominis in the lower medial left. Which basically means I jacked up my low belly adjacent to my groin and above my whup where such things attach, ok technically the musculature inserts to the symphasis pubis. Damn it to hell! and when I move my neck just right I feel that in my vajayjay and in a veritable sheath of connective tissue in between my neck and my whup. And my mission is to both rest and ice this region of my girlish self. Now I'm a big big fan of the therapeutic value of ice, the efficiency with which it reduces inflammation and that really nifty part after the throbbing bone chilling ache where things go numb. Not so much with either the bone chilling ache or it's predecessor freezing process on my belly. Whilst things are still inflamed (read painful) I cannot try any of my umpteen tricks for helping increase the circulation to the the regions in question.

Not sure quite how I did it, but since it's me, I'm pretty sure it was doing one damn dumb thing or another.


Shazza said...

Ouch che wa wa...hope the whup and whatever are better soon.

Fireblossom said...

Hmm, transversus abdomini...I think I heard Jerry Fallwell speak out powerfully against this once. Or was that transgayness abomini? Well, no matter.

It probably just means it's going to rain or something.

Please feel better. Have Sharkbutt tell Bosco if there's anything we can do.

Sharkbuttocks said...

Thanks for the good wishes. Ice is a miracle cure!