11 May 2008

Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all you mothers out there. It always seems to me that choosing to become a mother is possibly the most hopeful action one might undertake in this lifetime. It's also brave as hell too. Buddhists believe that each being we encounter was at one time or another our mother or our child, and that we would go far karmically as well as increase the amount of kindness in the world if we treated one another as such.

And yes, I'm plenty cognizant of the relationship challenges many of us face with our mothers, but because of the fundamental nature of the human parenting situation, the give and take, which on most of our parts involved a whole lot more taking than giving as we grew up... anyway, the following resonates with me, and it's early so I know it's one Buddhist or another that said it, I read it in something Dean Sluyter wrote - as long as we are at war with our parents we are at war with ourselves, until we have peace with our parents, we will not have peace with ourselves.

As always, just one of the random possibly inane thoughts running around my head, your mileage may vary and I may be wrong. And someday monkeys might fly outta my ass.

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