12 October 2006

The Depilatory Power of Duct Tape - Who Knew?

Duct tape is widely touted as a product no household should be without. It works wonders in many aspects of home repair and as I overheard in a conversation this afternoon even works as a health and beauty aid. Apparently, one of the women folk with whom I work runs to hirsute. In order to combat overgrowth of her underbrush she utilized the services of a salon’s wax technician. But the salon has changed hands and she is not trusting of the new wax technician, nor the new ownership. She doesn’t want to catch funk from their wax. So she switched her hair removal method to home waxing, which apparently worked just fine for the more readily visible anatomical landmarks, she ran into some trouble in her nether regions and enlisted the handy duct tape. Having wrestled with duct tape during more than one home improvement project I can readily attest to the efficacy with which it can deprive one of hair. So my coworker who we will call Glinda, cut the duct tape into anatomically appropriate slips and went to work. Not surprisingly the duct tape proved an effective depilatory, however, she discovered that she had quite the sensitivity to the adhesive and now has a rash. So much for avoiding funk.

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