24 August 2006

4 Things

Wow formatting this is a collossal pain in the ass. And of course, I'm used to writing memos in Excel so what do I know? A friend posted this and I found it interesting so... here goes......... 1) Four jobs that I have held- domestic help- accountant – this is just funny- massage therapist- karate teacher 2) Four movies that I could watch over and over- Sleepers- Field of Dreams- What the Bleep Do We Know?- Steel Magnolias 3) Four places that I have lived- New Brunswick, NJ- Freehold, NJ - Scranton, PA- Eatontown, NJ 4) Four shows I love(d) to watch- West Wing- Pinky and the Brain- Designing Women- Sports Night 5) Four places I have been on vacation- Cape Cod- Sedona- Jacksonville, NC- Orlando 6) Four web sites I visit daily- nj.com- abmp.com- namgyal.org- google.com

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