04 September 2006

Getting to know me

I was the recipient of yet another of those getting to know you quizzes from a friend and it really caused me to wonder what kind of inside one gains from knowing one's friends favorite curse word. My curse word of choice is, not surprisingly perhaps, to anyone who has heard me utter more than 2 sentences, variations on the f bomb. My favorite expletive used for fellow drivers is typically wall eyed monkey fucker douche rocket. But then of course, I have to send them love because my karma is dreadful enough as it is. It also asks for a favorite song, one favorite song... that's tough - because my whole damned life has a soundtrack and the Ramones figure largely in that soundtrack simply because no one else sings about Cretin Hop or I Wanna Be Sedated. So the jury is still out on the favorite song thing. Although I'm loving Jeff Buckley - Everybody Here Wants You, today. Tomorrow, could be back to Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes. Or not.

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