09 September 2006

Gym Rat

I work out at a gym several times a week, I have done so since I was a teenager. (I'm not giving any info other than this - it's been one long assed time) It amuses me no end to be back in the land of free weights. As I'm keeping an eyeball peeled for an unoccupied Smith machine, I notice drama on the hoof. For the uninitiated, a Smith machine is a barbell on a frame, the frame keeps the barbell on a certain vertical plane and makes it challenging to drop the weight on yourself. I use it to do squats. This afternoon, it was occupied by a drama king. The DK had 4 -45lb plates on it, I'll be sporty and do the math -180 lbs - he was doing squats. Respectable, if you're going about your business and not making a lot of huff and puff about it. Finally, he finished his performance and swaggered to the next machine, about 4 feet away. I perfunctorily growled 'you done here?' He indicated he was and I proceeded to heave another 4 -45 lb plates on the machine. And without any discernable grunting or carrying on proceeded to rip off 3 sets of ten. The dramatization on the machine next to me ceased after that as he slunk away from the leg section of things. It makes me happy to be strong like bull.

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